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So You Want to Improve Your GModding, Eh?
Then this journal is the one for you! Here, we will be providing the necessary tutorials and resources for your GModding needs! Even though we have a folder specifically for Tutorials, we figured that the best way to help our fellow members out is to display the tutorials with a journal. More importantly, we'll have them categorized for easy access! Happy GModding and don't forget to thank those who made these tutorials for all to use!
(NOTE: Some of the tutorials have the formatting from past versions on GMod. However, the functions have stayed relatively the same)
Pony Ears: http://d0ntst0pme
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On the topic of 'Cringe Art'
So, a problem has come up in the DA community, and many other parts of the internet as well- the concept of 'cringe'. Essentially cringe is, 'bad' or 'weird' art that leaves the viewer feeling a sort of second-hand embarrassment. Some of my own pictures from my gallery could definitely be labeled as cringe material:
All of these, as well as several more ~cringe worthy~ deviations are all still publicly available in my gallery under 'old art'. One of my first fanfictions is also available, and it's not good at all, that's for sure. But do you know what all of these works have in common? Every one of them was drawn when I was eleven years old. Almost ten years ago. With nothing but a mouse, a shitty internet connection, and a brimming sense of excitement. almost anyone in the world could log on at any second and look at something that I had drawn. It was incredibly ex
:icondratinigirl:dratinigirl 46 28



Zufeng's Profile Picture
Just your average teen that love to play games and taking screenshots from Gmod
Also,i like to do traditional drawing (even sometimes its came out terrible lol)
Feel free to ask anything


"I was designed to kill and that's what i did"

Probably this is going to be TT4 in Gmod

I have been offline for too damn long.
Originally,his hand and body is covered in blood,but it doesn't show when the lamp tool were used.
The blood quality looks crap on this ragdoll anyway.
Right now,im trying to improve the pose,learning the expression,shadows,etc.
Also,i managed to get hang of super DoF somewhat
Intended to upload this at exact 25,but i fell asleep over and over.
Originally,im going to use more ragdoll on the stairway,but this crapsack potato laptop preventing me to do so+for some reason the ragdoll turned into dark colored.

Well,Merry belated christmas
Test Subject
"It's only been a couple of day since it all began: trapped in my cell,waiting to be evaluated for my abilities.
Muscle enhancer,behavioral suppressants....mind control....genetic purification....test for effectiveness.
Repeat until it works."

Inspired by a great flash games called Thing-Thing 4 (I use the intro of TT4 for that opening)

If you observe closely,you realize that the scientist doesn't have any shadow,i think its the model fault since everything has the shadow.
Also,still poor at handling DoF and lights.
I think this bloom is too much.
Also,this is first time i experimenting with Life Mod blooms.

Forget it,something go wrong,causing every shadow dissapear.
Drawing 4
Pardon me for a crap picture,because only thing i have is my phone camera.

So,the semester test of art class give me choice: Its drawing or singing,i choose drawing since my voice is suck ass.
So i combined…
With this…
This drawing heavily influenced from AoM Nightmare sequences

Because i haven't draw anything in very long time,my skill are greatly reduced.
As you can see,Simon's body is much larger (and bulkier) than david,not to mention his badly drawn hand (Suck at anatomy).
And the tree on the left is actually not that small,its just because the camera were too small to fit it.

Other than that,i pretty happy that i still have some basic skill on me.
Super DoF Test
Im not dead,im just dont have any idea.

Well,last times i found some tutorial for posing,i tried my hand at this Super DoF.
I think the background is blurred too much.

Also,i think this model is going to be used in my next upload
I'm scared31 Oct 2016:
My dad hit my Mom and tried to go after her wielding a table and later a knife . I intervened and have a few scratches from the struggle. The police are here and I'm frightened to death. I'm so scared . If it weren't for auto correct my words would be absolute shit right now . I'm shaking 
5 Nov 2016:
It's been really rough the last few days and a lot of my energy is gone for the most part and trying to get on the computer to be social and stuff is really hard. We are all really sad this has happened, but other than that we're fine. My wounds are healing and so are my mom's. My father has been arrested, and later sent to a hospital for the mentally ill and he's currently under observation. He's really angry with me though and being childish about it. Leaving manipulative calls and saying he's disappointed in me for calling the police on him etc etc and how he wants all the stuff he's ever bought for me back and doesn't want me as his child anymore and wants me

Dear god,This deviant suffer from horrifying stuff.
As the Journal said,her father attacked her mother,Luckily police intervened.
According to journal,her father suffer mental illness.
But here is the problem:

Her father is going to return to exact his vengeance on them.
So,here is how to help her: Comission.
Consider comissioning to this dude,she need those money to move her family away from her father.
Also,dont forget to spread that journal,so it reach many deviant in here


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